Family Therapy / Counseling

Some of the reasons people seek family therapy at Ascend are:

  1. To improve communication and understand each other better
  2. If a family member struggles with a mental or physical illness
  3. To face blended family struggles and challenges 
  4. To help family members become closer or help the family stay intact
  5. To deal with a loss like divorce or death or any kind of loss 
  6. To deal with changes like having a baby, empty nests or saying goodbye to a child going to college
  7. To manage a teenager who is going through mental some crisis or challenge like self harm, falling grades, anger, addiction or isolation. 
  8. To seek help in parenting small children with anger issues, ADHD and school problems
  9. To seek help managing mental illness in the family like alcoholism and personality disorders. 

At Ascend we have trained and experienced family therapists who are experts in family systems therapy and experts in helping families use effective communication to get closer to each others and manage challenges. Our therapists help family members work with each other to address the elephant in the room so they can stop walking on eggshells around each other and start having genuine conversations. Our therapists facilitate weekly conversations to reach therapeutic goals through evidence based therapeutic techniques.

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