Sabra Maurice (EMDR Certified, PTSD & Trauma Therapist)

Sabra Maurice PTSD Trauma EMDR Certified CounselingI think therapy is engaging in a therapeutic relationship that helps the client see things that they sometimes can not see about themselves or is blocking their ability to reach their goals. 

Therapy can teach people how to cope differently and how they can see life differently to help them move through life's experiences with growth.  I enjoy helping people find their own sense of happiness, peace, and health.  I believe that everything comes from the inside out.  I use a combination of traditional therapies such as CBT, relational, behavioral, reality, and developmental.  I see that what people think creates their feelings and their behaviors match that.  I believe that what you put out reflects back to you.  I typically start therapy working through the past, then coming into the present, and then helping people create their future.  I tend to use a holistic, integrative approach including energy psychology, EFT, mindfulness, meditation/deep relaxation techniques, sound healing, and hypnosis to calm stress and anxiety and to help move unbalanced, stuck, or high levels of stress energy in the mind and the body.  I believe stress and emotions accumulate over time manifesting in the mind and body.

I am certified in EMDR and use that and inner child work for trauma & post traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD).  I believe these techniques and approaches help people heal and change in the easiest and most natural way and they can fully heal.

I have worked in the mental health field for 25 years and have a masters degree from Bradley University.  I have worked in outpatient, inpatient, and partial hospitalization programs including having experience with children, teens, young adults, parenting issues, relationship issues, self worth, behavior and habit change, eating disorders, health issues, grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

I believe we are all human and on a journey in life,  I am down to earth and have worked with a multitude of clients and we all go through things and have struggles.  I would love to get to know you and align with you to connect the dots and encourage you to take the steps that create a happy and healthy you.

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